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Call the local SERVPRO in San Antonio That's Faster to Any Size Water Disaster

5/19/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO tent and several green vehicles outside of the large tent SERVPRO of Braun Station is available for all of your water damage needs, big or small.

When disaster threatens a community, it is often too late to take the necessary steps to prepare homes, businesses, and family members for the situation.  Whether it's a blizzard, flood, hurricane or wildfire, disasters of all types often give little to no warning before they strike.  The time to prepare for a storm is not as it approaches- the time to prepares is now.  In the next few weeks this blog will provide tips and information to help you be better prepared when severe weather strikes, including a list of items needed to create an emergency kit.

No matter where in San Antonio or surrounding areas that you call home, we want to ensure that you are prepared for any disaster.  Whether you have damage caused by a hurricane, tornado, flash flood, or another other reason your local SERVPRO of Braun Station has the resources, experience and training to help get your doors reopened for business as soon as possible.

If your property suffers a fire or water damage, your local SERVPRO of Braun Station Professionals will be ready to help you make it "Like it never even happened."

San Antonio: SERVPRO Wants to Know if you are Fiesta Ready?

4/13/2015 (Permalink)

Fiesta sign with sombrero over the "s" and "t" SERVPRO of Braun Station wishes you a Happy Fiesta!

As Fiesta quickly approaches we wanted to make sure that you are ready for all of the fun and exciting events.  Here is a quick link that should help get you prepared for all of the Fiesta excitement:

San Antonio: Do you know the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide?

10/27/2014 (Permalink)

Carbon Monoxide warning sign Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home

Carbon monoxide, often called “the silent killer,” is a gas you cannot see, taste, or smell.  It can be created when fuels, such as kerosene, gasoline, coal, natural gas, propane, methane, or wood do not burn properly.  According to the U.S. Fire Administration, around 150 people die every year from accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Often times, it is the result of faulty, improperly used or vented consumer products like furnaces, ranges, water heaters, room heaters, and engine-powered equipment, such as portable generators.  However, there are precautions you can take to help protect yourself, your family and your employees from deadly CO fumes.

Reduce the chance of CO exposure in your workplace by performing regular maintenance on equipment and appliances that can produce CO. Consider switching  from gasoline-powered equipment to equipment powered by electricity or batteries.  Prohibit the use of gasoline-powered engines or tools in poorly ventilated areas.

To protect your home, install carbon monoxide detectors on every level of the home, including outside of all bedroom.  Consider having all fuel-burning heating equipment and chimneys serviced annually by a professional.  Use portable generators only in well-ventilated  areas away from doors, windows, vents, and any other openings to prevent fumes from entering the home.

For additional carbon monoxide safety information, visit or

SERVPRO of Braun Station is always here to help and only a phone call away at (210) 267-2159.

San Antonio how are your daily habits?

7/20/2014 (Permalink)

The words Daily in red and Habit in white with a yellow background SERVPRO of Braun Station works on ensuring that each member of our team has good daily habits so we can help our San Antonio customers

Daily Habits:  How much does the first hour of your workday really matter?

Your first hour means a lot. The first work hour of your morning could be the time you see everything clearly, get one real thing done, and focus on the human side of work rather than just your task list. Remember when you used to have a period at the beginning of a school day, typically referred to as “home room” to think about your schedule, catch up with friends, and maybe knock-out last minute homework? Many successful business people schedule themselves around a grown-up homeroom every day. While you cannot predict incoming calls, customer service requests, or extra work due to after-hour jobs that occur the night before, you can develop daily morning habits that are non-negotiable. According to Tony Robbins, a life coach, self-help author and motivational speaker, you should set up an Hour of Power, Thirty Minutes to Thrive, or at the least, Fifteen Minutes to Fulfillment. Part of this time involves light exercise; part of it involves reading motivational affirmations, and part of it involves time where you think of everything you are grateful for: in yourself, among your family and friends, in your career, and the like. Putting things into perspective is a great way to start your day on a positive note. Another daily morning habit to consider is doing the big, shoulder-sagging task on your to-do list first. Mark Twain said that if you eat a live frog first thing in the morning, you’ve got it behind you for the rest of the day and nothing else looks quite so bad. If you take this concept of getting one thing done before you wade into your e-mail or return phone calls, you’ve got a day-to-day system in place. First, choose your frog (aka: identify the task.) One benefit to tackling that terrible, weighty task you don’t want to do first thing in the morning is that you get some space from the other people involved in that task. Without having that whirlwind, the task often feels less complex and you can get more done. It is also important to create your own version of customer service in the morning among peers. This may be checking in interacting with co-workers you don’t regularly see, asking questions of mentors, and just generally handling the human side of work that quickly gets lost between scheduling daily routes and planning events. If you are consistent with your peer customer service, you will have a more reliable roster of helpers when you need them! Successful businessmen and women are disciplined to increase their productivity while reducing their stress. Consider incorporating one of these daily habits into your workday for the same result! 

SERVPRO of Braun Station Thanks our Public Servants in San Antonio!

5/16/2014 (Permalink)

Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) is May 12 through May 18. PSRW honors men and women who serve our nation as federal, state, county, and local government employees. We want to say thank you to everyone that is a public servant!

Leon Valley: Did you know April is Autism Awareness Month?

4/28/2014 (Permalink)

Autism Awareness in the Autism puzzle Support Autism Awareness! SERVPRO of Braun Station does!

We at SERVPRO of Braun Station are strong supporters of the Autism Cause and wanted you to be aware of all of the ways you can help.  Please check out: for more information.

San Antonio residents SERVPRO of Braun Station wants you to know the Myths About Lightning

4/24/2014 (Permalink)

Lightening strike of tree SERVPRO wants San Antonio residents to know the truth about lightning

According to the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), an average of 60 people are killed each year by lightning, and hundreds more are severely injured.  Many times, these injuries are due to misinformation around the seriousness of thunderstorms and lightning. Here are a few of the most common myths about lightning.

Myth:If it is not raining, there is no danger from lightning.

Fact:Lightning often strikes outside of heavy rain and may occur up to 10 miles away from rainfall.

Myth:If you are in a house, you are 100% safe from lightning.

Fact:A house is a safe place to be during a thunderstorm as long as you avoid anything that conducts electricity, including corded phones, electrical appliances, wires, TV cables, computers, plumbing, metal doors and windows.

Myth:Lightning never strikes the same place twice.

Fact:Lightning often strikes the same place repeatedly.  The Empire State Building is hit nearly 100 times a year.

Myth:A lightning victim is electrified.  If you touch them, you’ll be electrocuted.

Fact:The human body does not store electricity.  It is perfectly safe to touch a lightning victim to give them first aid.  Call 9-1-1 and begin CPR immediately.

Myth:If outside in a thunderstorm, seek shelter under a tree to stay dry.

Fact:Being underneath a tree is the second leading cause of lightning casualties.

We at SERVPRO of Braun Station care about all of the residents in San Antonio and want you to be safe.  We hope you have a wonderful safe day!

BINGO Winner in San Antonio, TX

10/8/2013 (Permalink)


We wanted to congratulate our recent BINGO winner Shawn Schreck from Koehler Insurance Agency