Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Room with SERVPRO drying equipment under water-damaged ceiling

San Antonio Water Damage From Minor Roof Leak

After heavy rains in San Antonio, this home had a damaged roof. Water damage affected only one room and SERVPRO arrived rapidly to extract the water. Some building materials required removal such as drywall, Insulation, and crown molding.

White ceiling with water spots

Storm Damage Affects Two Stories in San Antonio

When storm damage happened to this San Antonio home, a leak from into the bathroom above led into this garage leaving the ceiling with water stains. SERVPRO technicians can apply temporary repairs during water cleanup and drying to all the water loss affected areas in the home.

Plastic covering furniture and two green air movers

Storm Damaged Laredo Bedroom in Zip Code 78041

A monsoon-type storm dumped huge volumes of water into this Laredo bedroom. SERVPRO is local to zip code 78041, and we responded within an hour of receiving the call. We closed the open window (the culprit causing this flooding) and moved contents out of the affected area. We extracted the remaining water and did "flood cuts" along the base of the non-salvageable drywall to remove ruined materials and to hasten the drying process. The pictured air movers are part of our large inventory of advanced equipment; our Green Fleet is always prepared for emergency assistance. Soon our grateful customer can have a dry home ready for reconstruction.

Three pieces of green drying equipment in a room that has a wall that has a flood cut

Storm Damaged Wall in San Antonio

The stormwater penetrated through the exterior siding and window seal to soak a portion of the wallboard. Our SERVPRO technicians can quickly mitigate the storm damage by extracting the small amount of water and making a "flood cut." The non-salvageable drywall's removal allows for our dehumidification equipment to quickly treat the wall cavity and prevent secondary damages. San Antonian homeowners are always pleased with SERVPRO service.

Closet with brown hardwood dirty from water and wall dirty from flood water

Flood Damage in Houston, TX

This flooded closest in Houston, Texas was the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  The homeowner had already removed all of their contents and the water had receded when SERVPRO of Braun Station was allowed into the home.  The owners were very happy that we were able to come in and quickly remediate the storm damage.  

More Storm Damage Info

If storm waters cause damage to your home or office, don't delay, call us today at (210) 267-2159.

Icicles hanging down from a window of a red log cabin

Water Damage SERVPRO of Braun Station

This was the aftermath of frozen pipe burst water damage. There was significant water damage. The owner was pleased with how quickly and completely we were able to dry the structure. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Four green air movers, a yellow ladder, and a green dehumidifier in a room

STORM ceiling collapse causes extensive Water Damage in San Antonio, TX

This was the aftermath of a ceiling collapse in San Antonio, TX due to our recent storms. SERVPRO of Braun Station was able to quickly respond to begin the drying process. We make disasters "like it never even happened."

ceiling with light and water stain

Hail Damage in Leon Valley, TX

Have the recent South Texas storms left you with damage to your roof? This ceiling has water damage due to the hail. We are actively working on drying this home.

Green extractor in a hallway with hose in the bathroom

Water Damage Restoration in San Antonio, TX

We had to use our extractor to remove water from the recent flooding that we experienced in South Texas. This home had flooded due to a broken window from the hail. Extraction is often the first step in water damage remediation.

Brown hardwood floor with pieces of drywall on top of it.

STORM Water Damage

We travel due to storm events and last year due to the Polar Vortex we went to Virginia. SERVPRO of Braun Station is here to help for all natural disasters, including freezes.

Dehumidifier in a house

Hail Storm Damage in San Antonio, TX

Due to the recent hail damage, we have been out on many storm water damage remediation jobs. This is an example of us drying a residential structure that was hit by the hail in San Antonio.

Floor sprayed with antimicrobial and a white pump sprayer

Flood Damage in Helotes, TX

This carpet was damaged due to recent flooding in Helotes, TX. The homeowner contacted SERVPRO of Braun Station as soon as possible and we were able to get out within four hours to begin the appropriate remediation process.